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London Evening Standard - Article about David Smallwood - Facebook, in general social networks - how it effects women (women addicted to Facebook friendships)


Could you be teetotal for two months?



Pride and prejudice for gay men http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/feb/20/gay-men-depression-the-velvet-rage




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Who Says I'm an Addict?: A Book for Anyone Who is Partial to Food, Sex, Booze or Drugs

Do you worry that you drink too much? Or perhaps you fear that your dependence on drugs, food, sex, or some other vice is spiralling out of control, and taking your quality of life with it?

In Who Says I'm an Addict?, David Smallwood looks at the issue of addiction with compassion, clarity, and wisdom that comes not only from his own difficult journey with addiction, but from his considerable experience overseeing treatment programmes in rehabilitation clinics.

David looks in detail at all areas of addiction, from denial, hitting rock bottom, and dealing with shame and guilt, to how our family of origin and the traumas we go through in childhood influence us in later life.

He then explores the road to long-term recovery, guiding the reader on how to do the emotional work necessary to ensure that they avoid relapse and can finally lay their demons to rest and get on with re-building their life.
Read Reviews and Purchase this book on Amazon, also available on Kindle