As a gay man I am aware of some of the difficulties that being gay brings.


I do believe that a gay therapist is in an unique place when it comes to therapy. The stereotypes that gay individuals get projected onto them do not exist usually. And the moral judgements inculcated into us at an early stage can make for a very uncomfortable life.


In order for there to be any meaningful work achieved regardless of the issue, there needs to be a therapeutic alliance.


I believe that a gay therapist and gay client can attain this far easier and faster than can be hoped for in a gay / heterosexual relationship.


I welcome gay and lesbian clients and recommend that everyone read Velvet Rage by Alan Downs as a starting point in their recovery .


I believe that any gay or lesbian will have some co-dependence issues from childhood which will exacerbate any presenting problem


This means that the average gay adult will have a handicap to start with, which will colour everything they do or think.

My experience is that regardless of the presenting issue/s, if the underlying problems from childhood are not addressed, there will be a cyclical problem re- occurring again and again.


It does not have to be a drawn out process. Progress can be made reasonably quickly, and with a good outcome.


There, maybe of course, any number of additional issues that can affect anyone, not just gay and lesbian. These will be addressed in conjunction with the family of origin to bring about a holistic resolution.




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